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I have chosen to study the poems Uphill and Remember. Uphill is Essays

I have chosen to study the poems Uphill and Remember. Uphill is based on the theme of afterlife. Rossetti was always known to have a strong belief in the afterlife, I have chosen to study the poems 'Uphill' and 'Remember'. Uphill is based on the theme of afterlife. Rossetti was always known to have a strong belief in the afterlife, and symbolises this in 'Uphill'. The poem itself is written in a unique style. A style which I feel interacts the poet and the reader. The poem is an exchange of questions and answers that compares life to a journey. The journey is "Uphill all the way ".However at the end is an inn, a resting place that cannot be missed and which has a room for everyone! The poem is typical of Rossetti's religious beliefs; being part of an Anglo-Italian family which had strong religious convictions. Christina Rossetti's portrayed image of life being recognised as a painful task: "it's uphill all the way". Consequently it is the duty of mankind to undertake the trip in hopes of a peaceful rest in heaven as a reward, a reward for all obstacles that obstruct you in life. All the pain and suffering are to be expected, not resisted. One benefits from them in the end. I have noticed that particular words such as "road", "the days journey" have the same symbolic meaning in my opinion. As well as links between words like "resting place", "inn", "that door" and "beds" all interpret the same thing; death will come for all. Rich or Poor. From my previous statements I will say again that the poems perception; end of life, could well be saying that it is the end of all our work and problems that evolve or evolved around us. "Remember" is seemingly similar to uphill, but I think it illustrates a c... ...because she would rather know that he is happy than that he is, in a sense, dead while alive. We should all apply this message to our lives because it is truly the best way to deal with the death of one we love in my opinion. From comparing these two poems they both signify interpretations of her life but "Uphill" sounds like it is her own beliefs and ambiguous thoughts on what life beholds for everyone. Although she states that there are "beds" and "doors" free for opportunity. However she doesn't deliver us a true meaning which suggests everyone has a "door" at the end of life. Only for "those who come". From this point of view, the end of life is not seen as sending the believer to heaven and the unbeliever to hell. All it simply portrays is that it is the end of life's problems. Now this clearly reflects Rossetti's life, so on an overall I do agree.

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It Takes Two to Tango- But Who Took the First Step Essay

It was a very controversial arrest that rang not just within the locality of Massachusetts but has echoed as an international dispute. What we are talking about in here is the contentious arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates by Sgt James Crowley together with other Cambridge police officers. The incident that relives the heat of the racism discussions happened 16th of July 2009 in Ware Streets, Cambridge, Massachusetts when a 911 call prompted the Cambridge Police Department about two males who seemed to be prowlers trying to break into one of the residences in the said place. The police officers responded to this alarming call from Lucia Whalen which led to the arrest of Professor Gates. (Trujillo) It is not surprising to hear two different tales from two different authors. What happened between police officers responding and the professor’s arrest is a story of a split version. In one hand Sgt Crowley and the rest of the team who responded to this very particular incident reasoned out that the detainment was due to â€Å"disorderly conduct† of Mr. Gates. For the party this would be sufficient enough to justify the arrest of the professor despite the fact that he was able to identify himself as the owner of the place he was reported to be breaking in. On the other hand Professor Henry Louis Gates strongly believed that a noticeable issue of racism was behind his arrest. This confrontation disturbed the public for several gray areas can be found in the story. People of course are divided by their own opinions regarding this matter. Who is right and who is wrong? Who acted accordingly and who delineated from what is proper? This issue reminds me of a cliche that is indeed of great value-it takes two to tango. Never was there an instance where a fire is ignited by a single force alone. What happened in Massachusetts in Professor Gate’s home shouldn’t have taken place if both of them analyzed the situation in the most critical manner. However even tough it’s true that it takes two to tango; we always have to remember that someone has to take the first step always. According to the news police officers reported that Professor Gates shouted at them and inculpated them with being racially biased officers. (Fox News) Moreover, police reports said that Gates displayed rough behavior with them with his strong belief that everything is all about his color and even warned the officers that they do not know who they are messing with. (Thompson) With these alleged display of behavior we definitely can say that Professor Gate really was moving and acting with his emotions in his head. It is always a weakness for someone to cling with his or her emotional outrages if he or she wanted to be critical in thinking for he or she demarcates him/herself from reason. Professor Gates is the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor who is also cradling the responsibility of being the Director of the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University. This highly-acclaimed cultural critic also is the editor-in-chief of the online magazine centering on the interests of African American people. Studies) Having these entire in mind we can say that professor Gates really must be sensitive about the issue of race and racial discrimination. Thus having a seemingly first hand experience of it would definitely ignite a hot temper. Maybe things would have gotten a different way if Professor Gates was able to recognize his own biases and assumptions in reference to the point of view of the cops. This is a prerequisite for self awareness that is nee ded for one to be critically mindful. Also weighing of the scope and gravity of evidences would have helped Professor Gates in handling the situation in a lighter way. The main concern that has led Sgt James Crowley and team to the doorsteps of Professor Gates was the alleged burglary and although it wasn’t a smooth flowing type of talking the fact that the professor was able to identify himself as the resident of the place should have ended everything. However, it did not. Being accused of stealing something that belonged to you wouldn’t make you feel okay. Instinct would definitely trigger a negative emotion that might lead to series of acts that aren’t mindful at all. Sgt Crowley could have saved a better encounter with the professor if he was able to control his seemingly egotistical judgment and if he has been open to several other ways of understanding the entire situation. Moreover, if Sgt Crowley was also able to recognize emotional whims before he acted upon the situation, things should have gone differently. It is the two sides of the coin that this article is looking at. If you ask me who between the two let their ego move them, well it’s both of them. And for who made the first step, maybe it doesn’t matter for they both let a disturbing dance reach the international stage that even President Obama have had something to say. In response to a question thrown on him regarding Professor Gate’s arrest, President Obama mentioned three interesting comments. â€Å"But I think it’s not fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry. No. 2, the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And No. what I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that’s just a fact. † (Fox News) This comment also generated a controversy around the international arena. Cops not just in Massachusetts reacted negatively on what Obama said in the conference. Good thing the president knew what to do. The â€Å"beer summit,† which was a talk initiated by the President himself to end the dispute and issue for once has cooled both parties and solved the problems. Fox News) Both parties were held together after the conversation at the White House and Professor Gates who previously is planning a lawsuit against Sgt Crowley is no longer talking about this after being able to know Sgt Crowley better with the help of the invitation for a conversation by the president. Moreover in an email to Boston Globe, Gates stated that he was ready to move on pass that arresting experience. With a cooler head Gates even identified his experience to be adding up to the history of race relations in the entire America. (Fox News) Sgt James Crowley continued being silent about the issue even after the talk over beers in the White House. After the incident, all ends well. Everyone is back doing their own profession. It is really important to keep in mind that actions moved by emotional outrage wouldn’t serve anything nice at all. It is indeed being in the height of an emotion that we would least do decision making and talking. Self restraint will be the best guide if we know how to master it. People are certainly different creatures for two reasons; emotion and reason. Both are powerful thus it can make us or break us if we wouldn’t know how to control them. A person who can control his or her emotion and who knows how to use reason is unlikely to be involved in problematic situation such as this incident. I believe that both Professor Gates and Sgt Crowley know how to handle the situation. I think they both know what to do and what not to do in that very scenario it is just that the emotional height and egotistical concerns reigned more rather than reason. And there started the problem which actually could have been prevented if both take even just a few seconds to think before they have acted. This might be easier said than done but it is ideal. It is not perfection that we want; it is just all about maximizing the capability of man over his or her emotions. In every situation we always wanted to do the right thing, we always wanted to be critical so as to lessen any mistakes in the decisions we make or words we say or things we do. Being critical though is not an easy task; it takes a lot of maturity and open-mindedness, rationality and judgment. In addition to this, it needs practice-continuous practice for it to be a habit. Professor Gates and Sgt Crowley both have a contribution to why that incident occurred in the first place thus having an equal share of a kind of publicity whether positive or negative that would leave a mark in their lives as they leave marks in human’s history.

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Abortion Essay - The Church Was Pro-Choice - 1132 Words

The Church Until Recently Was Pro-Choice From a sermon delivered on February 15, 1998 at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, by the Rev. Elaine Gallagher Gehrmann: Most of us know that the Roman Catholic church teaches that life begins at conception, and yet most of us dont know that this is a relatively recent change. It wasnt until 1869 that Pope Pius IX decreed that ensoulment takes place at conception. Up until then, the Catholic church had taught that life begins at 40 days gestation for a male and 80 days for a female, and therefore abortions before those 40 or 80 day periods were not viewed as murder. (Gehrmann) The above claim that before 1869 the Catholic Church did†¦show more content†¦Where there are medicines of sterility? Where there is murder before birth? You do not even let a harlot remain only a harlot, but you make her a murderess as well. Do you see from drunkenness comes fornication, from fornication adultery, from adultery murder? ... Do you make the anteroom of birth, the anteroom of slaughter? Do you teach the woman who is given to you for the procreation of offspring to perpetuate killing? (Homily 24 on the Epistle to the Romans) (Jurgens) The 1909 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia notes: The early Christians are the first on record as having pronounced abortion to be the murder of human beings; for their public apologists, Athenagoras, Tertullian, and Minutius (Eschbach, Disp. Phys. Disp. iii) to refute the slander that a child was slain, and its flesh eaten, by the guests at the Agape, appealed to their laws as forbidding all manner of murder, even that of children in the womb. The Fathers of the Church unanimously maintained the same doctrine. In the fourth century the Council of Eliberis decreed Holy Communion should be refused all the rest of her life, even on her deathbed, to an adulteress who procured the abortion of her child. The Sixth Ecumenical Council determined for the whole Church, that anyone who procured abortion should bear all the punishments inflicted on murderers. In all theseShow MoreRelatedEvaluate Essay on Abortion1497 Words   |  6 PagesKymberly Burress Oct. 7, 2011 Pros and cons Essay Ms. Shuchter Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy at any stage that does not result in birth. What a lot of people don’t realize is a miscarriage is also considered an abortion even though it is not medically induced; it is called a spontaneous abortion because it is not a medical procedure. Recently a study was done and it showed that the number of abortions worldwide have gone down considerably because of family planning, havingRead MoreShould Abortion Be Controlled Or Handled?1470 Words   |  6 PagesHow abortion is handled is a very big topic in the United States. The rates of abortion have grown since the legalization. Whether or not women make the decision to have an abortion can be differentiated by whether its rape related or just because of not wanting the child. Should women be able to have an abortion when they please or are these baby’s tiny humans from the time of contraception? Some women make decisions on if they want to get abortions based on the pr ices or whether society will judgeRead MoreAbortion: Social Justice1150 Words   |  5 PagesAbortion is defined as the termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo, resulting in its death. About 42 million abortions are performed worldwide each year, and an astounding 20 million of them occurring unsafely. These unsafe abortions result in 70,000 deaths and 5 million disabilities a year. Most abortions are performed in the first twelve weeks using the ‘vacuum’ method. The majority of women that choose abortion do so because they are not readyRead MoreIs Abortion Immoral And Murder?1391 Words   |  6 PagesThe English dictionary definition of abortion is: The termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo prior to being capable of normal growth. Abortion, as always, has been one of the most controversial topics of all times. Many people believe that abortion is immoral and murder because they consider a fetus to be a human being. The people that believe this are called pro-life believers. Then there are those that believe that a woman should be able to doRead MoreAnalyzing Religion and Politics on Abortion Abortion has been a worldwide problem dating back to1200 Words   |  5 PagesAnalyzing Religion and Politics on Abortion Abortion has been a worldwide problem dating back to the 5th century, and nowadays it cuts through all religious denomination causing divide and discord in people’s religious stand against or for it. The 1760 BCE has shown the earliest written records about abortion in which fines were levied against the perpetrators of these crimes. The fines against this crime have been accounted in the Code of Hammurabi. In 515- 500 BCE, the Chinese wrote a note thatRead MoreTaking a Look at Abortion869 Words   |  3 Pagesdifferent reasons. Therefore, a way was needed in order to abort unwanted pregnancies, leading to the concept of abortion, which is the removal of an embryo or a fetus from the inner body of women, through their uterus in order to end their pregnancy. Abortion can be seen as a very sensitive and controversial topic with many differing perceptions and different arguments that are based on a variety of points. This essay will begin by discussing the emergence of abortion and its evolution, then will moveRead MoreShould Abortion Be Legalized? Essay1068 Words   |  5 Pagesargumentative essay is about the topic of abortion. Abortion has been a controversial topic for a very long time. The dictionary definition of abortion is â€Å"A medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus†(Merriam-Webster). Many people believe that this procedure is wrong and immoral. These people, who are categorized as â€Å"pro-lifers†, often times forget that by making abortion illegal does not mean that abortion will be stopped. In fact by making abortion illegal you willRead MoreAbortion Should Be Legal Around The World1698 Words   |  7 PagesAbortion, the sound of the word can cause an environment to go from cheerful and relaxed to tens and edgy in seconds. Abortion is one of the major controversial topics of all time. Many consider abortion to be murder and criminal procedures should be brought forward, they consider it to be immoral and unethical regardless of the circumstances. They believe the reason why women exist is to bear and raise children; their body is only a host to the unborn child and should not be tempered with to enableRead MoreAbortion - Argumentative Essay1093 Words   |  5 PagesARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY ‘ABORTION Our world today is full of unsolved, devisive and controversial issues. Most of them relate to our morals, ethics and religion, thus creating a very strong ‘yes and ‘no, or ‘good and ‘bad side. Like the Chinese Yin and Yang sign, abortion has a very prominent ‘black and ‘white side but also contains traces of each in the alternating colour. This shows that if you were to come to any kind of conclusion on abortion, there would still be a downside toRead MoreAbortion is Murder and Immoral Essay1339 Words   |  6 PagesAbortion is Murder and Immoral In Americas Society Abortion is a topic that most people rather not face. More and more abortions occur everyday, causing potential lives to be terminated due to irresponsible sexual activity among adults and teens. Abortions cheats the unborn child of his or hers existence and unknown experiences to come. Abortions are quick escape goats for irresponsible individuals and cause pain, suffering, and death. I t is against the law and immoral to kill another human

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Nursing Theories Essay - 728 Words

Five Stages of Nursing Theory and Philosophy NU 500 UNIT 1 June 6, 2012 Jeanne Greer, RN Saint Josephs University Five Stages of Nursing Theory and Philosophy Nursing has made phenomenal achievement in the last century that has led to the recognition of nursing as an academic discipline and a profession. According to Fawcett (1980), a move towards theory-based practice has made nursing meaningful (p. 10). When talking about nursing theory development, it is important to identify the stages that nursing theory development has gone through to define and guide nursing practice. It is widely believed that the use of theory offers structure and organization to nursing knowledge. George (2002) defined theory as â€Å"a set†¦show more content†¦This stage focuses on the importance and need for nursing education. After World War II more hospitals were built which created a larger need for nurses thus creating a nursing shortage. In addition a mandatory licensure requirement and testing for nursing created the need for nursing education. This education created an interest and curiosity to understand nursing practice. The third stag e is subjective knowledge. This stage focuses on defining nursing and beginning to develop theories. In 1960’s, nurse leaders began to develop and publish their philosophy and view of nursing. These descriptions of nursing and nursing modes evolved from their personal, professional and educational experiences (McEwen amp;Wills 2007). The next stage is procedural knowledge. Procedural knowledge includes both separate and connected knowledge with difficulty attaching theory to practice. In 1970 the nursing profession viewed itself as a scientific discipline evolving toward a theoretically based practice focusing on the client. During this time many nursing theorists such as Orem, King, and Neuman published their beliefs and ideas. These theorists were often idealists and nurses had a difficult time applying their theories to what was actually happening in practice (McEwen amp;Wills 2007). The last stage is constructed knowledge which integrates intuition, reason and self k nowledge with a shift from all encompassingShow MoreRelatedNursing Theories Of The Nursing Theory1398 Words   |  6 PagesNursing theories provide a foundation for nurses to professionally base their judgment of care. Florence Nightingale was one of the first nursing theorists. Theories composed by Nightingale were comprised of practice-based theories and environmental theories. Nightingale’s environmental theory is composed of 13 cannons which are fundamental to her theory. Nightingale’s theories continue to be used by present day nurses and nursing students. Theories are incorporated into nursing students’ educationRead MoreNursing Theories And Theories Of Nursing3078 Words   |  13 Pages Patricia Benner Nursing Theorist Group Five Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences University of Colorado Colorado Springs NURS 3040: Foundations of Nursing Patricia Benner Nursing Theorist Theory, what is a theory? According to Blais Hayes, (2011) â€Å"A theory is a supposition or idea that is proposed to explain a given phenomenon. Theories differ in their scope and have been categorized in different ways. One of those categorizations schemes divide them into categories accordingRead MoreTheories And Theories Of Nursing Essay1211 Words   |  5 PagesMcEwin and Ellis, theory in nursing â€Å"offers structure and organization to nursing knowledge and provides a systematic means of collecting data to describe, explain, and predict nursing practice† (McEwen Wills, 2014, p. 25). Theories in nursing are what distinguish it from other professions and help to create professional boundaries (McEwen Wills, 2014)Click and drag to move. When theories are applied in the nursing process, there are various concepts from the respective theory that are introducedRead MoreThe Theory Of Nursing Theory812 Words   |  4 PagesTheory is the backbone to nursing as it gives n urses a framework and an idea of what they do and, most importantly, why they do it. Nursing theory means many different things to people and to only give credit to one definition would not be fair. Therefore, the definition of theory alone is, â€Å"the doctrine or principles underlying an art as distinguished from the practice of that particular art† (Theory, n.d). This definition is particularly useful because nursing is an art as well as a scienceRead MoreThe Theory Of Nursing Theory1417 Words   |  6 PagesImportance of Theory There are many ideas about theory in nursing. The definition of nursing theory is a group of concepts that can be tested, changed or used to guide research (McEwen Willis, 2014). This writer was exposed to theory in under-graduate classes and understands the importance of theory to her nursing practice. This paper will review the importance of nursing theory. It will also focus on Patricia Benner’s Novice to Expert Theory. Importance of Theory Many nurse theorists haveRead MoreNursing Theory : Application Of Nursing Theories4442 Words   |  18 PagesRunning head: NURSING THEORIES 1 APPLICATION OF NURSING THEORIES 2 Application of Nursing Theories Beatrice Mitchell MSN6003 ? Professional Nursing Practice Framework, Scope, and Role Unit 4 ? Assignment 1 8/7/16 Rhonda Hendricks Capella University Application of Nursing Theories Florence Nightingale and four nursing theorists are listed and analyzed in the taxonomy table in part I. A comprehensive summary of the nursing theories and a reflection on how each theory relates to theRead MoreNursing Theory1516 Words   |  7 PagesApplication of Theory DeepaK USF NR 501 Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice Nursing Theories In nursing there are theories that determine how the profession is going to be handled. Scholars and other practitioners of medicines have proved these theories. In our case we will be looking how these theories are applicable in the entire world of nursing medicine. What are nursing theories? Nursing theories are theories that describeRead MoreNursing Theories684 Words   |  3 PagesA grand theory in nursing would be Doretha Orem’s self care theory. This theory encompasses the entire concept of nursing in the fact that it states individuals will strive to meet healthcare needs to maintain health and wellness. This is very broad, can not be tested and is used in a variety of settings and populations. Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory is that all patients want to care for themselves, and they are able to recover more quickly and holistically by performing their own self-careRead MoreNursing Theory1224 Words   |  5 PagesImportance of Theory Paper THE ROY ADAPTATAION MODEL Kandace Wood Chamberlain College of Nursing Course Number: N501 March 2015 Introduction: Theories and models despite not being synonymous are used interchangeably in nursing. In general a theory is considered to be a speculative statement that is concerned with some elements of reality that are not yet proven. There are a number of theories in the field of nursing also which are used toRead MoreNursing Theory And The Field Of Nursing1370 Words   |  6 PagesNursing theories are not a new concept in the field of nursing or health care in general. An extremely well known nursing theorist is Florence Nightingale, but there are other theorists who have also contributed to the field of nursing. A theory is defined as â€Å"an integrated set of defined concepts and statements that present a view of a phenomenon and can be used to describe, explain, predict, and control that phenomenon† (Burns Grove, 2011, p. 228). A theory can be applied to any field, especially

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The Ideas Of Sexuality And Gender - 1676 Words

This essay will discuss the ideas of sexuality and gender in Bram Stokers Dracula with comparative analysis of Robert Louis-Stevenson s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and it s ideas of doubling. While drawing from questions raised in Christopher Crafts essay Kiss me with those red lips on the dual inverted nature of vampirism. It will answer these questions of do we have penetrators or orfices? What are the relations between blood and semen, blood and milk? While ultimately coming to a conclusion of what it means to be male or female To classify as male or female has been a constant and controversial debate throughout history particularly during the Victorian period in which these Gothic texts were produced. This enduring question of sexuality can appear simple on the face of things but to categorize these genders in relation too physical appearance and internal emotions, externals behaviours and social expectations can lead to misalignments between the physical self and internal self. The ambivalent nature of the mouth as either female or male is the starting point for such a discussion of sexuality when applied to vampirism. Christopher Craft asks do we have orifices or penetrators which is an obvious dichotomy between male and female genitals but the sexual piercing of the neck from teeth is a clearly penetrative act which in itself largely belongs to females in the text, as the piercing of one male to another is too homoerotic giving the time Bram Stoker was writing in. ThisShow MoreRelatedThe Search For Oneà ¢â‚¬â„¢S Purpose And Identity In The World1421 Words   |  6 Pagesof people, such as race, gender, class, sexuality, etc.--exist to avoid social anxiety. The problem lies not just with the existence of stereotypes, but the seemingly blind consent to follow. To combat the invalid views of groups that today’s society use as a social crutch, authors, such as Gloria Naylor, Robert Max Johnson, Rosario Morales and others, attempt to expose the discrimination and stereotypes that target sexuality and gender. Sexuality and gender may appear as the same topic;Read MoreAnalysis Of Allen Ginsberg s Howl And 1661 Words   |  7 Pagesdisputed capitalism and conformity that notably consisted of sexual repression, so he incorporated in the development of counterculture and challenged the heteronormative, procreation-driven society and was done with living at society’s limits. The idea of beat literature has a capricious form, although, also considers the customary narration techniques, and indeed masculinist and heterosexist prospects. The Beat generation indicates an individual that has been put down, or has been oppressed aroundRead More The Social Construction of Gender and Sexuality Essay1361 Words   |  6 Pagesexemplifies the definition of gender as a concept; gender is the expectations of a sex according to the culture of society. Sexuality, within this definition of gender, reflects society’s expectations, which are created in relation to the opposite sex. The varianc es between cultures means that gender expectations change within different cultures. These expectations put pressure on each member of society to conform and abide by the folkways of their own culture. The creation of gender expectations by societyRead MoreGender And Sexuality : Article On Sexualised Insult Fag By American Teenage Boys1626 Words   |  7 PagesBoth terms ‘gender’ and ‘sexuality’ are very common, broad and the meaning of it differs from person to person. Eugenically the term ‘gender’ is defined to have socially composed roles, activities, behaviours, and peculiarity that a given society considers right for men and women (WHO, 2015). Whereas the term ‘sexuality’ has various meanings, it is described as feeling or having attraction or having sexual thoughts and preferences towards same sex or opposite sex (, 2015). This essayRead MoreHuman Nature : Gender System Is Established On A Basis Of Our Own Stan dards875 Words   |  4 PagesIn the U.S. the gender system is established on a basis of our own standards. â€Å"The paradox of human nature is that it is always a manifestation of cultural meanings, social relationships, and power politics; not biology, but culture, becomes destiny† (Lorber 117). We do not picture males and females based on their genitalia, but rather the way that people express their gender identity. No matter someone’s personal identification, the greater society will â€Å"do gender† and categorize them anyway. TheRead MoreSexuality And Gender : Social Constructs Essay1366 Words   |  6 PagesSexuality and Gender are social constructs. They are more like fluid concepts. Both are on spectrums. Why could they be considered controversial topics, more specifically the spectrum? Well, the idea of sexuality being more than just heterosexuality has been challenged by conservative types and others alike for years. They may even deem anything other than heterosexuality as something abnormal and immoral. For some, it can be quite difficult to understand that sexuality is on a spectrum. EspeciallyRead MoreGender and Postmodern1508 Words   |  7 Pageson ‘Gender’ through comparison and contrast of the views of authorities who are postmodern practitioners† Introduction Defining postmodernism as well as gender is an extremely difficult task if not impossible. This essay is an argument on the two postmodernist’s concept on ‘Gender’. This essay argues posing foucauldian postmodernism of Judith Butler against Baudrillardean post modernism of Arthur and Marilouse Kroker with analysis on both their ideas on gender including sex and sexuality. ThisRead MoreSummary Of Beyond Caring : The Demoralization Of Gender1051 Words   |  5 PagesIn her article, â€Å"Beyond Caring: The Demoralization of Gender†, Friedman states that the difference in moral reasoning between genders is because of the difference in primary moral forms of commitment which structure moral thought. According to Friedman, there are two types of primary moral commitments; the first is commitment to a particular person and the second is commitment to abstract principles, values, and rules. Commitment to a particular person involves focusing on one person, being responsiveRead MoreWomen s Gender And Gender Roles955 Words   |  4 PagesIn terms of the heterosexual majority, respectability applied deeply to women and their gender roles as wives, because it was the way to distinguish between good and oversexed women (Kushner 9/25/15). The characteristics of women consisted of being pious, pure and religious, as they were the moral superiors to men (Kushner, 9/25/15). This moral superiority linked to the idea that Cott presents of female passionlessness, which was the result of subsequent lack of sexual aggressiveness (Cott 1987:Read MoreThe Social Construction Of Heterosexuality1250 Words   |  5 Pagesnotions of gender roles portrayed by masculine and feminine traits, from section four of Composing Gender â€Å"How Do We Define Sexuality†? The idea that one individual can â€Å"feel† masculine or â€Å"feel† feminine does not make them a male or female. â€Å"Throughout Composing Gender, many readings refer to sexuality as an inevitable part of gender construction, several authors use the terms â€Å"heteronormative† and compulsory heterosexuality† to describe a social structure in which the expression of sexuality is seen

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Disney and Acts of True Love Essay Example For Students

Disney and Acts of True Love Essay Walt Disney films are known for the idea that true love heals all, but what exactly is â€Å"true love. † Merriam-Webster says its â€Å"one truly beloved or loving: a sweetheart. † For many years Disney depicted true love as a damsel in distress waiting for her prince charming to come to her rescue and reverse the evil in her life with â€Å"true love’s first kiss,† with movies Sleeping Beauty and the classical Cinderella. Don’t get me wrong, movies like Mulan and The Lion King showed acts of love through family. But the newest Disney film, Frozen, shows how the same evil of the past movies can be broken by the true love of a family member. If you take two Disney stories like the classic, Cinderella, and the newest edition, Frozen, you’ll see that Disney stays true to the theory of true love being the cure to all evil. In Cinderella her new poverty-filled lifestyle is overcome when she falls in love with and marries Prince Charming. In the film Frozen, Anna’s frozen heart is only melted when her sister sacrifices herself with an act of true love. We will write a custom essay on Disney and Acts of True Love specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now These movies along with most Disney movies are alike in the sense that there is an ultimate evil that needs to be eliminated. These evils eventually make it so the main characters Cinderella, Elsa, and Anna are locked away from the rest of their community. The movie’s â€Å"villains† are characters disguised as someone the audience would think would be someone with love for the main character. In reality the evil acts they commit are only for self-gratification. In all Disney movies there’s a â€Å"Happily Ever After,† and the good guy wins. But even when giving the opportunity to be evil back, Cinderella and Elsa choose not to. They choose to stay loving and let everyone live a happy ever after alongside with them. In both of these movies the main characters are faced with the tragedy of losing their parents, as in most Disney films; and at that moment the childish feel of the movies disappears. The characters start to deal with adversity and they are giving to choice: give up and let all their suffering be for nothing or to keep going and keep hope alive. The theme â€Å"anything can happen if you just believe† is depicted in almost every Disney film. In Cinderella when she meets her fairy godmother she learns that all you need is a plan and goal and everything will be okay. Despite the fact she was forbidden to go to the ball and even if she could go she had nothing to wear, she believed in her fairy godmother and a way was made. While in Frozen the snowman Olaf has a dream of experiencing summer. Even though he is made of snow, he isn’t aware that heat would make him melt but even after he experiences heat he still believes he could experience summer. He fights along Anna the whole movie to end winter and in return Elsa gives him his own personal snow cloud during the summer so he can have his experience. Another obvious similarity in these two Disney films, along with others, is the act of personification. In Frozen the trolls and of course the snowman, Olaf, are given human characteristics and seem to have better morals than the actual humans. In Cinderella, when her fairy godmother changes the rats to the horse and the pumpkins to the carriage, she gave them the life of another living object. These things having life help the characters achieve there end goal. Now although it seems the two movies have the same concepts they are played out in two different ways. In Cinderella true love was with a man. The king held a ball to help his son find a bride. This made all the women be in competition to be the most beautiful. All women desired to wear sparkly clothing and have the best ball gown. Cinderella and Prince Charming feel in love after one night of spending time together without even knowing each other’s names. Prince Charming then went on a hunt to find his Mrs. ight. All the women were in competition again to squeeze into the show. The movie shows how women weren’t supposed to get along not even sisters. The two stepsister even competed with each-other and they were biological sisters. Although Cinderella was a beautiful story the happily ever after was only for Cinderella herself, it wasn’t for the good of her kingdom. The story teaches good lesso ns to achieve self-gratification without hurting others. On the other hand Frozen approached the happily ever after under different means. 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Throughout the movie the sisters empowered each other and stuck together because they were all they had. The women were the adventurous ones in this movie, as Anna became fearless and trooped out to find her sister to save the day. In this movie nobody was concerned with a big glamorous ball gown. Anna wore hiking gear and wanted to get down and dirty to help her town. In this movie every act was selfless and they ultimately learned that no one was an island, that everyone needed someone. I think the differences of these movies reflect the time period in which they were written in. In the 50’s when Cinderella was written, women were worried about finding a husband and living the American dream. Men ran the world back in those days, while today women are starting to speak up. We live in a more feminist society, so the movie Frozen depicts women empowerment. It’s even being called Disney’s first feminist movie. In my opinion true love isn’t definable. True love is different to every person. Love can come from someone you just met just as evil can come from someone you’ve known all your life.

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Libel And Invasion Of Privacy Essays - Bullying, Censorship, Crimes

Libel And Invasion Of Privacy Libel and invasion of privacy Libel and invasion of privacy are two very important issues dealing with broadcast media. The two are very similar but different from each. Libel deals more with what was actually printed or broadcast, where as invasion of privacy deals with how the information was actually gathered. Both have laws to regulate and influence what kind of information is gathered and, how it is actually obtained Libel simply is defamation of character by published word, the publishing of falsities to hurt a person's reputation or standing. However, now it is not limited to only printed word as in newspapers or magazines. Slander, which is defined as defamation of character by spoken word is now portrayed as a form of libel because of the abundance and power the broadcast spoken word can have as in radio and television. However, libel has a much stronger penalty than that of slander because print is seen to have a much more long lasting effect, and once something is on paper you cant take it back. On the other hand, with tape recordings and the fact that any spoken defamation can de saved and distributed, radio and TV most times fall in the libel category. Invasion of privacy in fact does have strong ties with that of libel. Though it does hurt a person or organization's character, it deals more with how the information is obtained. Simply stated privacy laws deal with a person's right to be left alone. There are more specifically four types of violation of someone's privacy. The first one is called intrusion, which is the actual physical violation of someone's privacy, as in trespassing to obtain information. The second is appropriation, which is commercial exploitation of a person's image or likeness with out consent. Thirdly is false light, portrays someone in false light or gives false pretences. Lastly is information on private facts, that are actually true but private, and that will severely embarrass or hurt someone's reputation. Through these definitions and specifics on each, it is easy to see how both intertwine and are closely related. Now what we know what each is it is time to examine which of the two is a more serious concern. Personally, in understanding the two, I would have to say that libel is a more serious issue with broadcast media. To be more specific, the worst possible thing a journalist or media outlet can do is to ruin the character of a private person. That is to say it is a much more serious offense to publish false information about some one who is not in the public eye. Subsequently, it is much harder for a public figure to prove libel because he or she must prove actual malice, that the medium actually intended to hurt the person with these words. More over, I feel that libel is worse because it is the actual publishing or broadcasting of the information that can hurt a person and once it is published you cant take it back. However because of this, the idea of false light, private fact s and libel are very closely connected here. It's easy to see and understand the ideas of intrusion and appropriation. In fact many media slightly encourage their reporter to dig up dirt by either trespassing or sneaking around to get information, and as well to use a person's picture with out consent. However the two more serious of the privacy laws are very much like that of libel. To fully understand we much focus on these three aspects of the issue. Above all, it is the media's job to publish what is true. It is its job to give the audience news and that of truthful news. The most serious concern with the media is that what they reveal to the audience must be true because as a society we are greatly influenced by what we read, hear, and see through the press. This is why libel is more serious than privacy issues. Publishing false or inaccurate information directly is the biggest, and most devastating thing a journalist or media can do. That is the underlining factor of the two. Publishing private and true